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786 Goldstream Ave. Victoria BC. V9B 2X6

Discover how the innovative technology in the AMBER™ Air S|600 coverlock machine could lead you anywhere.

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valid until Dec.24, 2022
- ONE-TOUCH ELECTRONIC AIR-THREADING LOOPERS With the HUSQVARNA® VIKING® AMBER™ Air S|600 one-touch air-threading feature, you can effortlessly thread the machine loopers with the simple push of a button.
- EXCLUSIVE SEWING ADVISOR The Exclusive SEWING ADVISOR sets the best stitch length, differential feed and thread tension for your chosen fabric type - all to give you a perfect result.
- COLOR TOUCHSCREEN Select your stitch, and the optimal thread tensions, recommended stitch length, and more are displayed on the color touch screen. EXCEPTIONAL LIGHTING Exceptional illumination of the sewing area for optimal visibility.
- PRECISE THREAD CONTROL This patented feature allows for fine-tuning the overedge threads for perfect stitch formation along fabric edges.