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786 Goldstream Ave. Victoria BC. V9B 2X6

Experienced and Helpful Staff

We currently have several staff members who each have experience in different areas of sewing, quilting, knitting or home decor as well as with sewing machines. There is always someone available to figure out that stubborn sewing question, help thread your machine or help with the colour selection for a quilt

Natasha, takes a big load at the store with samples, classes, and more. Her beginners quilting classes are always popular. Natasha also organizes our class lists, orders fabric with Maria and works on Social Media. Natasha is very talented and often designs quilts for our many kits. If you enjoy the many hanging quilts, thank Natasha, the majority are sewn and quilted by her! Natasha is the floor manager at the Cloth Castle. Did you know that Natasha has worked for me since 1993! 

Michael, my son-in-law, keeps all our home decorating fabrics in order. He is a very skilled artist and has attended design and art schools. Michael he is a well loved staff member with a lot of our interior design customers, and our local costume makers as he is very imaginative. He is very helpful and kind with his big smile. Michael loves movies and if you need help with your costumes he is your guy.

Maria, my youngest daughter, is co-manager. She is at the store on Fridays and can be seen working on the online store, ordering fabric with Natasha or editing social media and ads. She orders sewing machines and sergers. She enjoys putting together quilting kits or cutting fat quarters. Maria literally "grew up" in the store - the Cloth Castle is older than she is! At 3, she would stock the thread and had learned to read the numbers so that she could put them in the correct slot.

Bonnie, my oldest daughter, is co-manager. She is an avid sewer and loves to make clothes for her family. Bonnie teaches Kids Can Sew, Beginners Sewing and many others sewing classes. She is in the store from Monday to Thursday. Bonnie started her days at the store winding yarn onto spools for the many customers knitting sweaters back when we were the Yarn Barn. She is an avid skier and Disney enthusiast! Bonnie has 6 children and Bryan (who works here) is her second oldest.

Bryan, my grandson, loves to sew and quilt. Bryan spent many hours by his mother's side, (Bonnie my eldest daughter) as she sewed or taught sewing classes. His Aunt Michelle, (my second youngest daughter) taught him to quilt when he was eighteen and he was hooked! He has lots of knowledge with colour theory as he attended school for interior architectural design and it has become a great asset to our many quilt customers! Bryan is a kind guy and loves working at the store and loves helping anyway he can. I am glad Bryan wants to work at the family business as he is the forth generation of my family working here.

Genevieve (Genn), Is our resident Francophile, with a creative passion. She actually has a full time job working for the government and helps us out on her flex days. As in her words the "Cloth Castle is her Happy Place". Genn makes some of the most amazing and beautiful bags, purses and wallets. She also has a passion for new gadgets, and as such, is an amazing machine embroiderer and loves 3D & sublimation printing. On top of her creative pursuits, Genn is always putting herself out there to help others. Such as donating her time sewing for local charities, or our volunteering pursuits. Whatever passion she is pursuing, Genn always loves to help, and we are lucky to have her here.

Rita, is one of our newer member of our staff. An avid quilter, she belongs to many quilting groups. Rita continues to work as an EA during the school year. She will be in some weekends during the year and will help us out during the summer when other staff members are on holidays. Thanks, Rita!

Beth, is an avid sewer, and loves making clothes for herself and her grandchildren, especially when she is sewing baby/children's clothes using stretch materials.. When she is not helping babysitting her grandchildren or spending time with her husband, you can find her at the Cloth Castle on Mondays and Sundays helping our amazing customers. If you need help making clothing or bags she will be more than happy to help you.

Evanne, is our newest, youngest, and most cheerful staff, while she is new to sewing she is eager to learn and loves helping customer, always with a smile on her face you can find her in the store most weekdays during the lunch rush.

 I'm so fortunate to have a loyal and dedicated staff. I can't say thank you enough for all their hard work.


Sylvia Ratcliffe - Store Owner
"The Queen of Our Castle"