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Handi Quilter

THE HQ SIMPLY SIXTEEN™ and the Little foot frame

Don’t let space restrictions dictate what you can create. Combined with the HQ Little Foot Frame™ system, the HQ Simply Sixteen enables any quilter, beginner to advanced, to finish any size quilt without the space requirements of a conventional frame system. Integrated technology and engineering provide the functionality that quilters demand, paired with the smoothest stitch in the industry. Handcrafted in the U.S.A., the HQ Simply Sixteen is backed by the HQ warranty. It’s simply the best solution when space is at a premium.

HQ Sweet Sixteen

If you love to free-motion machine quilt but struggle to fit your project in a small throat space, you’re going to love the HQ Sweet Sixteen®. Sixteen inches of throat space gives you room to quilt even a king-size quilt. The smooth surface of the included table allows your project to glide under the needle. The powerful motor handles quilting with ease and stitches up to 1500 stitches-per-minute. Choose your three favorite top speed settings, on the easy-to-use color touch screen and let the machine remember them.

Stitch-Regulation for your HQ Sweet Sixteen. Designed for use with the HQ Sweet Sixteen sit-down long-arm quilting machine, this innovative new stitch-regulation system that measures your movements for choreographed stitch-regulation. Perfect for all free-motion quilters from beginning to advanced. Easy to learn how to use and operate the system. Achieve consistently even stitch lengths, regardless of stitching speed. Full visibility of quilting area leads to easier quilting and greater flexibility with quilting designs.

HQ18 Avanté

For the quilter who is looking for more quilting space, but wants a machine that makes the most ef­ficient use of a quilter’s reach, the HQ18 Avanté offers precision stitching with 15” of quilting space. Multiple track, table and frame options are available to suit your budget.

HQ Pro-Sticher

HQ Pro-Stitcher’s precision stitch-regulated system provides you with the highest quality product, backed by the HQ warranty and network of local representatives. Using integrated HQ technology, the HQ Pro-Stitcher offers the best of both worlds: computerized quilting and free-motion quilting with the flick of a switch.

                                          KEY FEATURES OF HQ                                                               PRO- STITCHER

                                           - 11.6-inch color touch-screen computer                                                               mounted on the HQ stitch-regulated quilting                                                     machine
                                          - Includes more than 1,000 designs
                                           - View and manipulate designs right on the                                                          screen

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