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786 Goldstream Ave. Victoria BC. V9B 2X6

Handi Quilter

HQ18 Avanté

For the quilter who is looking for more quilting space, but wants a machine that makes the most ef­ficient use of a quilter’s reach, the HQ18 Avanté offers precision stitching with 15” of quilting space. Multiple track, table and frame options are available to suit your budget.

HQ Pro-Sticher

HQ Pro-Stitcher’s precision stitch-regulated system provides you with the highest quality product, backed by the HQ warranty and network of local representatives. Using integrated HQ technology, the HQ Pro-Stitcher offers the best of both worlds: computerized quilting and free-motion quilting with the flick of a switch.

                                          KEY FEATURES OF HQ                                                               PRO- STITCHER

                                           - 11.6-inch color touch-screen computer                                                               mounted on the HQ stitch-regulated quilting                                                     machine
                                          - Includes more than 1,000 designs
                                           - View and manipulate designs right on the                                                          screen

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